Install CM10 (Jellybean 4.1 mods) on Galaxy Mini

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Install CM10 with Google Apps on Samsung Galaxy Mini

The Samsung Galaxy Mini has recently received Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in form of an unofficial port of CyanogenMod 10 by XDA Senior Member TheWhisp. While the ROM seems to be working fine for those who have given it a shot, there is a problem. Due to the device having limited internal memory, there isn’t enough storage space left on the /system partition after installing CM10 to be able to install Google Apps. This can be a major issue for many, as most of us rely on Google Apps. Luckily, there is a fix for this now, thanks to XDA Senior Member killar_aka_arabu, who has written a script that removes unnecessary apps from the system partition to free up enough space for Google Apps installation.

To get started, grab the latest unofficial CyanogenMod 10 nightly and the latest Google Apps, and transfer them to your phone. Next, visit the guide thread and follow the instructions provided to flash the ROM and free up internal memory space by running the provided scripts, before flashing the Google Apps package.

WOW! I said.

So I can taste a delicious Jellybean in My Galaxy Mini like that demos showed on Google I/O 2012

I’m playing around three to four days tinkering with my device, ignoring calls and messages. Experiment with ROMs, flashing CM 10 this and that. A few drops of sweats. A couple coffee. And some prays I won’t bricked my phone.

This is the links that guides me :

And the Youtube Video I recently found :

I also installed ROM Manager that now supports Galaxy Mini. Next, I plan to install System ROM Tools and ROM Toolbox Lite because I have some usual issues with storage.

Visiting some other great android forums like and, searching threads like and and System ROM full. Any solution.

Next, maybe I’ll run some scripts like [U9RC11T6] Maximum MultiTasking Mods + -=V6 SuperCharger=- = TOTAL RAM CONTROL and [Script][Guide] V6 Supercharger by Zeppelinrox or how to kill lags in ROMs! U9RC7

And some wiki device-specific that feels so official like and in

And other device-spesific resource blogs and forums :

Oh.. thank god I chose Android (and Galaxy Mini), otherwise maybe I’ll be dead bored 🙂


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Partitioning 2 … Logcat

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